Best books to Read in 2021 |It can change life

Best books to Read in 2021 Which Can Change your life

76 Percent Self-made millionaire read at least 2 books in a month,

An average CEO Reads at least 60 books in a year no only this but world’s most successful and rich people read books on a daily basis.

Example :- Bill gates Read at least one book in a week .Even though he is the most Richest person in the world.

Warren buffet used to Read 600 to 1000 pages per day , at start of his career, even today he read books. And almost every billionaire like Elon Musk .owner of 3 billion dollar company, oprah win frey, Mark Zuckerberg etc

Had one normal propensity and that propensity is of Reading .Even after becoming so rich and successful. They still read books and learn from it,because they knew that one simple thing.the more they will learn, the more they will earn.

Reading is not only about earning money. It also helps us to increase our concentration, intelligence , focus and most of the research says, that reading books. Helps to reduce stress level and helps to increase happiness .

There are numerous benefits of reading books, hence people who comes under 1 percent. They always keep on reading books and learn from it, through mentors.

Now most of the people gets confuse, which book they must read because there are thousands of books which gets published every year. Hence today i will share some of the books which you must read.                                                           

No.1) Managing Oneself

If you haven’t read a single self help book yet,or if you are thinking, from which book should i start. Then you can start with this book”managing oneself”because it is small book which is easy and simple to read .

And things which are explained in this book are really important and amazing, through reading it.You will come to know many facts about yourself, which will help you to grow ahead in your life.

Author of this book is Peter Ducker who is management consultant.He is a teacher and author for many management books.His books are now days used world wide for management courses.

In this book author has explained us very nicely how we can make the best use of our selfand how we can move ahead in life by managing the most important asset.and that important asset is we our self.

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No.2) Rich dad Poor Dad

This was the first self-help book,which i had read and trust me it has a very positive impact on my life and on my mentality. after which desire of reading books has increased in me, and many changes aroused in my life.

Hence i will suggest you to read this book . if you want, you can start with this book .Even this book is easy to read and its a very interesting book.

In this book author Robert Kiyosaki is giving us some very important financial advices by giving his life examples ‘here he is saying that he had two fathers one was his actual father, who was a professor.

and was poor, whereas his second father was his friend’s father. who was very rich. His second father is teaching him how to become successful and rich.

following his principles author has become a millionaire.Through this book you can learn many valuable facts, so do read this book, i had made a summary for this book .You can see by going below the description link.

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No.3) Start with why?

well i will not say that it is the best book for beginners But yes the core message of this book is really very important and beneficial for beginners. In this book author explains us, why we should concentrate more on WHY’S Instead oF WHAT and HOW .

Many people asked me Different questions like sir what should i do?how i can score good marks? how can i do something?

and many asked sir what i can do in my life?

Whereas according to me there important question with them must be Like whatever i want in my life, WHY I ACTUALLY WANT IT?

The most common problem now days is . People don’t know WHY they want things? their WHY’S are not clear

why they want to score good marks? They just want to earn money . They can earn money through job, true, but . There are various other ways to earn money

why they want to do things which others are doing,and which is difficult as well

Why do something which isn’t making you feel good?

why can’t you earn money by doing something you like?

Hence i am recommending this book to you’ll so that your why’s get clear

WHY? When your why’s get clear, how to do it and what to do will

also become clear and simple . I have made summary for this book as well, you can get it in the below link .

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No.4) How to win friends and influence people

There is a saying that 75 percent of people’s growth is dependent on their social skills and communication skill

Even though person is from technical field, which is absolutely true. And i know this is the best book for you to improve your social and communication skill . After reading this book your social skill will improve a lot . and it is necessary to grow in any field.

Dale carnaige is one of my preferred writer and when you will peruse a portion of his books.

You will understand why he is my favorite . For a start do read this book, trust me you will definitely thank me for recommending this book.

if you want to see summary of this book, then can go below the link.

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No5) The power of habits

You can’t control your future,true, but you can control your habits. And a person who can learn to control his habits . That person can eventually can control his future.

Your habit is the most powerful weapon, which will help you stand stronger in the war of life. And also help you to win many wars . hence try to be more attentive towards it.

In this book you will learn how to form new good habits and how to replace your bad habits with good ones . Because its a fact, that it is difficult to form a good habit, but once it is formed .it will be there forever and will make your life easy and comfortable . but forming bad habits are very easy .

but once formed will make your life very difficult .Hence through this book you will learn to form good habits and to overcome bad habits .

n this book Author charles Duhigg has explained every principle very nicely .

by using 8 years of research, he has explained how habits are formed .Abut the cycle of cue,routine and reward and how you can change your habit .

by changing the loop of the routine, if you want to learn the concept .Of this book then you can below the link .i have made a summary of this book.

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No.6) The four agreements

According to me, Even this book is a life changing book

The four agreement, this book can help you to become wise and successful.In today’s like people take things very personally, they get offended very easily.

don’t be able to understand others because of which they don’t get their personal and professional life nor they are able to live happily.

After reading this book trust me, you will be able to understand people nicely.Through which your relationship will improve and you will start living happily.because of which you will be able to live happy and a successful life.

i have made a summary for this book as well, which you can get by going below the description link.

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No.7) Think and Grow Rich


This can never happen, when i am giving a book recommendatioand. his book Think and grow rich doesn’t come in that list.Think and grow rich by napollean hills is the most popular book under self-help book category .

What’s more, it has the right to be famous Andrew carnaige who was the most extravagant individual of his time. he ones gave an offer to Napollean Hill, where he asked him to meet world’s most richest and successful people and to learn from them understand them .

and then to prepare a philosophical book, a book of success .Which any normal person can read and can have the capability of becoming successful But for this . Andrew will not pay Napollean , only he will get expense so that he can reach them and can meet such successful people Napollean accepted the offer within a minute.

After which he spent 20 years of his life gathering wisdom knowledge of some of the most successful people , and after so much of hard work and efforts he prepare a book name think and grow rich.

This is a wisdom treasure. There are many useful important principles in this book,which i found very interesting and amazing.

                                                                             Check Price From Amazon 

No.8) How to stop worrying start living

Bad times come in every person’s life, even i had faced.such bad situations in my life,at that time i used to feel bad and very low.

But fortunately i came to know about this book,and in those bad times i started reading and listening this book.and it turns out to be my best decision.after understanding this book, i got a lot of courage and strength to handle that bad phase of my life.

This book contains many stories and practical things which you can do o be happy even in your bad times.this can be very useful to handle such bad phase of your life.

Do read this book, because bad times arises in everyone’s life.and handling it sometimes becomes very difficult, so this book can be very helpful.

if you want  this book, then go to the below Link . So these were the 8 books which you must read and finally thanks for Reading this Article 🙂

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