How To Concentrate On Studies For Long Hours

3 Simple Tips to Focus On Studies 

will single-handedly take you to the path of success . that working and today we’re talking about how to increase your focus and concentration on your studies for long hours .

Today’s masterclass is on how to focus and concentrate on your studies for long hours . In this I will give you three tips and at the end of the Artical .

Shh let me tell you a secret people that are successful don’t feel any of these problems but the question is how do we become like that . Tip number one is called programming now imagine you’re driving in a car down .

This beautiful mountainous track now what if you’resitting in the back seat of the car chances are initially you’re going to be looking out to see . What’s the scenery or you’re going to be looking in front to see that canI keep track of the route but after some time .

I guarantee you you’re gonna get bored and you’re gonna either start looking at your phone or you’re gonna fall off to sleep or you’re going to be asking the driver how long is this going to take .

Focus entirely on everyon coming vehicle and hairpin Bend now why such a big difference the question is in our lives are we in the driver’s seat or is someone else driving our vehicle are we take charge .

Are we blaming someone else from our problems now our brain is a super power control it before it rules you distraction and direction are inversely proportional when one goes up the other one comes down .

Now the reason I call this programming is because every day you think it’s easy but every day when youwake up chances are you’re gonna slip right back into your old way of thinkingand .

Which is why each morning when you wake up ask yourself am I in thedriver’s seat of my life have I taken responsibility for everything thathappens to me today and soon it’s going to become a habithow to increase your focus .


and concentration tip number two it’s called practice now no one ever taught you how to concentrate your parents just tellyou concentrate karo but no one tells us how to do it.

Now attention is a muscle and just like every other muscle in the body it need training. Malcolm Glad well said that in order to become an expert at something you need to spend 10,000 hours learning it .

Now guess what happens to us every day we spend about 15 to 16 hours being distracted we’re talking to someone we’re checking the phone we’re reading a book with checking our laptop .

Guess what you’rebecoming an expert at at distraction so today I’m going to teach you something that you will follow initially just for 10 minutes in your day . Eventuallyyou’re going to become a master at your own focus and concentration today takeout 10 minutes of time where you can be alone and comfortable in a room .

which is a room that you enjoy studying in now finish all your eating and drinking before you go into that room and keep your phone and laptop out side .

Since this is your first training session we’re going to start with yourfavorite subject so take one textbook don’t take five six seven text books remember we’re only talking about ten minutes take one textbook .

one notebook acouple of pens if you like colored pens and take one extra sheet of paper whichwe’re going to use as a distraction sheet take a timer with you .

when you think you’re ready to begin switch on the timer now pick up your textbook andread actively read aloud shut the book ask yourself some questions .

May be you want to make some notes try to see if you can remember what you’ve studied high light underline and you’re going to find that suddenly something pops into your head .

Saying hey you need to call somebody or you need to respond tosomebody’s message now whatever distracting thoughts get into your head put all of that down on this sheet that’s lying to your side come back

Study write down the thought come back instead and towardsthe end of ten minutes just shut the books switch off the timer close everything . Walk away from that room and like all exercise the first day is usually a unusual but it is possible that what you are accomplished in this 10n minutes is .

. we try to increase the number of these slots that you take don’t be in a hurryto increase the length of the slot there are only three rules that you need tofollow to make this activity a success rule number one every time a distractingthought enters your mind write it down on that distraction sheet lying on theside rule number Two every time you think you are totally losing concentrations and close your books and move out don not worry about the timer and .

never get your phone into this space

rule number three never never never get your phone into this space this is a sacred space where you always focus the moment you allow the distraction into the space you pollute the space.

at the point when you adhere to these three brilliant guidelines you will have the option to sit for in any event around 45 minutes and concentrate with full concentration and to keep your brain sharp and centered .

we additionally need to have a solid body sohere are the three things you have to see one is your eating regimen eat an eating routine of sound food drink a great deal of water cut down on sugars since that makes us drowsy second is rest is mind food it’s not just cerebrum food .

It issuper food for the brain so if you can get about seven to seven and a halfhours of sleep every night you’re going to actually increase the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate .

The third thing you need to look at is exercise a good exercise routine increases the blood circulation and carries oxygen to the brain to help us focus and concentrate .

there’s one more little practice session that you need to do every single day it’s called mindfulness some people call it meditation but don’t worry don’t beafraid of those large words all it implies is doing each single assignment in turn .

Focusing on it so for example you’re talking to someone only focus on theperson don’t be checking your phone at the time if you’re drinking a glass of juice.

Consider the glass of juice don’t be taking a gander at TV simultaneously so the objective is that in each action that you do during the day do each thing in turn with full fixation .

and your mind starts getting trained to focus on the activity that is taking part in and they saymore you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war the more you practice mindfulness and .

Fixation in the little seemingly insignificant details each day that demeanor is going to convey with you to the high weight circumstances of an overwhelming serious test.

you’re going to be able to focus beautifully in that three-hour competitive exam without a problem how to increase your focus . and concentration tip 3 is called passion .

Presently energy to like center can be developed and I’m going to give you three speedy thoughts on how you can develop the enthusiasm the primary thing that you have to do is don’t begin perusing the course reading .

Immediately on another part another subject spread to cover course books are not spine chillers they are exhausting so before we open that reading material we should had a fascinating more elevated level point of view on the theme that makes ussuper intrigued by really perusing a reading material so two or three things .

you can do you can go to a Khan Academy video you can go to a Nat Geo video if that’s what your subject area is you could also listen to podcasts and

They some times give you this big picture interesting overview but the idea is first train your mind to first get interested in the topic and then open the text book and.

Again the textbook we will not read cover to coverwe’ll use the sq3r technique which we’ve discussed in the previous video and you can go back and .

Watch that I’ll drop a connection down underneath also the subsequent plan to assist you with creating enthusiasm is to give yourself remunerates now when we train our psyche .

We need an award toward the end permitting yourself to make that call to a companion it could be playing with your pet or it could be snatching that little bit of chocolate every so often and a third thought that is going to keep our enthusiasm for that subject is to differ our examination strategies .

if you’rereading from a book one time make notes another time go to a video a third time and try different different things and we’ve got a video to talk about all these interesting study techniques .

I’m going to drop a connection underneath lastly for the three extra tips that I had vowed to give you a reward tip number one is center around less things yes a lot of people will tell you to write down all your priorities in A B and C and they tell you that go for the A priority .

Warren Buffet’s says that he writes down all his priorities into A B and C and he only goes for A he actively dissuade you from looking at a B and the C and he says those are the distractors so Bill Gates says himself that the reason for success is because he focuses on fewer things bonus tip..

Number two is that some times the reason we are not able to focus on our goal is because we haven’t written down our goal clearly enough so how about we take a piece of paper .

Record our objective plainly in one month would could it be that I need to accomplish and reward tip number three is called begin saying no yes it is part of individuals will reveal to you that you have to express yes to everything.

You need to be positive but I’m saying to you start saying no and this is in tandem with focus on fewer things when somebody comes up to you with an idea .

chances are it’s like hey this is so exciting how about I go ahead and do it tell the person let me think about it and I suggest sleep over that idea wake up the next morning .

Highest paid government job in 2020

Do you want to get the highest paid government job?

These are the Top 10 Highest Paid Government job in 2020

1) Indian Civil Services

Indian Civil Services like IAS, IPS and IFS are remembered for this his is the greatest and significant activity of our nation, since it has a ton of obligation.

Consistently, numerous individuals give assessments of common administrations, of which not very many individuals pass. This is a troublesome test, however this activity is additionally considered as the most distinction.

These individuals run the nations and bring numerous arrangements enthusiastically.

Their month to month energizes are to around 2 lakhs and not simply this Employees working in common administrations likewise get various motivating forces like home, vehicle, driver, sponsored power.

All things being equal, they additionally get excursions for additional investigations abroad.

2) Defense Services Army,

Naval force and Air Force run over Defense Services. This is a good go about as it is assists with sparing us from adversaries There are various tests for resistance administrations, for example, NDA, CDS, AFCAT and some more. The compensation pay rates are likewise very high. You can procure from least 50000 to 1 Lakh in the month It additionally relies upon you. There are more odds of getting advancement and a wide range of remittances are accessible. Every now and then the month to month to month pay increments.

Highest paid government job for PSU

3) PSU

In the event that you don’t care for the private division, at that point the PSU is an incredible choice for you. Undertaking open area, there are enormous government organizations like BHEL, ONGC, IOC. To work in this, you need to take the GATE test. One beneficial activity here is that the move runs in these organizations and you get a different move stipend. Here you can procure up to 40000 – 1.5 lakhs of the month. Aside from this, you will get appropriation in the bottle for drinking, workstations, furniture and petroleum stipends.

4) University Professors

It is believed that study work is the best and peaceable in the world. That is the reason Professor’s activity is acceptable in any administration school and you get more regard.The educator’s month to month expense relies upon various things If you are NIT or IIT teacher then your compensation will be a lot higher. On the off chance that you have PhD, at that point your size of pay will be not the same as different educators. By concentrating in school and college, you get around 40,000 – 1 lakhs in a month Apart from this, you additionally get clinical, house remittance

5) Banking

With regards to banking, you recollect the names of all the RBI the senator, SBI the trial official. Also, why not every person needs to carry out this responsibility? The extraordinary explanation behind this is it is anything but difficult to get advancements in the bank and the yearly expense is around 18 lakhs. What’s more, the bank gives the house to remain, like clockwork to spend outside Rs 1 lakh, and youngsters instructive remittance and many like this. Interestingly, on the off chance that you are a bank worker, at that point you can without much of a stretch get a credit Who might not have any desire to work now here ?

6) Scientist

In the event that you are an architect or a researcher in government foundations like ISRO, DRDO then comprehend that your karma have opened. By taking a shot at such a spot, you additionally get the cash you need with research Here the essential pay is 40000-60000 and it increments with your examination and work Apart from this, you get Rs 7000 – 10000 for transport recompense, free suppers in the flask, home to remain and rewards like clockwork.

7) Assistant in the Ministry of external affairs

This activity is viewed as entirely decent and cash is particularly in this activity. Your posting here is regularly in nations outside, where you can undoubtedly make 1.5-2 lakhs in a month. Not just that, you likewise get a remittance of 20000-25000 as indicated by which nation you are in The test is intense and you need to finish the SSC-CGL test to work here.

8) Government doctors

The interest for an administration specialist is consistently there in light of the fact that in any administration emergency clinic, your treatment is in less cash. In any case, the administration specialist’s pay rates are more than different occupations After examining MBBS, contingent upon which emergency clinic and where you work, your pay depends. Today, tomorrow, the administration gives 25% – half more wages to those specialists who go to the towns to serve the patients. Aside from this, your pay relies upon what you pay. A specialist gets around 1 – 2 lakh in India in a month, and a lesser specialist gets just 40000-50000 every month

9) Income Tax Officer

Everyone attempts to find a new line of work in the annual assessment division, on the grounds that the respect with cash is additionally especially In this activity, you can begin from the Income Tax Inspector and become a Commissioner and effectively acquire up to 60000-1.00 lakhs in a month notwithstanding this you will be given an administration vehicle, 30 liter petroleum, SIM card. You need to finish SSC-CGL test to find a new line of work in the Income Tax Department By breezing through the UPSC test you can likewise legitimately be the associate chief.

10) Railway engineers

The Railway Engineer’s activity is acceptable and they get extraordinary regard and award in their work. You might be shocked to realize that railroad engineers acquire more than any administration engineer and their one month pay is up to 60,000-80,000. What’s more, home, travel recompense, and various impetuses are likewise given to remain in them. Which of these occupations might you want to have the option to serve the nation, if it’s not too much trouble let us know in our remark area. Imparting this video to your companions who are searching for most lucrative government employments Please like and buy in to our channel.

Best Jobs in india 2020 | Freejobalert

Hello Friends, welcome to daily sarkari job alert Today we are going to talk about the top 10 best jobs in India 2020 which will cause you to lose your senses.

Yes, of course, so you tell us which of these jobs you liked and the salary which you expect which you love to work. You people had demanded this video, so this video is ready for you

Top 10 Best Jobs for Indian’s in 2020

1) CEO CEOs,

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Chief Executive Officers are very important to any company. The burden of the entire company is on the same side and the evil of the company is the responsibility of these people.So their salary is also very good.

You will be surprised to hear that even in a country like India, they earn millions But the thing to note is that the profits of the company depend on them and in today’s competitive world, making profits to their company and avoiding any kind of deficit is on their shoulders.

But your mouths will remain open only when you find out these years that the annual salary of the CEO is about 25-65 crores which is very high i.e. 2-5 crores per month.

Apart from the wages, they also get company shares and different incentives That’s why the CEO’s job is considered as a dream job that only gets with own fate.

2) Investment banker I

nvestment banker is also known as Money Man because they spend the day with money every day. Yes, investment bankers are beneficial for you and for any company, because they give financial advice. They have a lot of knowledge of market and different financial things and therefore they are always in demand.

There are also very few investment bankers in India and hence their pay is very high The entry level starts at Rs 12 lakh, which increases with experience to reach 50-60 lakhs, meaning that every month they easily earn 4-5 lakhs. What happened, shocked to hear this ?

3) Chartered accountant (CA)

best jobs in India 2020

We all know that the study of a chartered accountant is very difficult. Success is achieved only after continuous efforts of hard work Everyday the job of CA is in financial and accounting, whose job is to supervise these things.

That’s why every company and public organization live in search of CA and this is the reason that they get so much money.

There are very few people in India who can become CAs.

You might be surprised to know that a CA earns approximately 20-25 lakhs in a year, which is a fee of 1.5-2 lakhs per month.

4) surgeon

Surgeons consider common man to be god because they have a patient’s life in their hands. That is why people do not hesitate to pay these money. It may be heard even here that the business of a doctor is a place where there is no decrease in money (recsssion) Surgeons treat patients in the operation .

A surgeon earns approximately 15-20 lakhs a month and 1.5 lakhs a month easily, and if a private surgeon is talking about it, then his pay is even more. Do not be surprised to hear this as being a surgeon is not a child’s play.

5) Business Analyst

Business analysts are important for any company as much depends on their analysis, most of the company’s profits That’s why the company is looking for a good BA The most important thing about BA should be to get ahead in mathematics and logical reasoning and get these money for their brains

Now it is clear that where the game of mind comes, the money will be good. In such a scenario, BA in India earns 15-20 lakhs in a year, ie 1.5-2 lakhs a month, and in addition to the profits of the company, he also receives bonuses and incentives,which is also high Tell us what you would like to be Business Analyst (BA)?

6) Pilot

The life of the pilot is in the sky, you must have heard it, but do you know that even their salary is equal to touching the sky?

Yes, do not be surprised to hear that a pilot lives in the hand of a thousand thousand passengers and therefore the training of the pilot is difficult. This is the reason that they get a lot of money. Can you guess up to how much a pilot’s annual fee will be?

No, so let me tell you.

A commercial pilot gets around 15-20 lakhs a year and a helicopter pilot gets 10-15 lakhs.

7) Lawyer For lawyers

it is believed that they do not like the judge’s chair as much as it does not have much income. The lawyers appointed by the government only get a pearl money from the government, but they get their money from their clients in different cases. This is the reason that lawyers are very rich. Large private lawyers who have good knowledge in law and order and they charge a lot of money for every case. You will be surprised to hear that the lawyers get only 9-10 lakhs a year, but there are some lawyers who earn millions of crores only in the month. We believe that after hearing this You have been surprized?

For Success Stories Viste here

8) Actors

Actors are everyone’s wishes and their passion is found in every street of India. Do you also have an idea of ​​how much money you they get for the films? Female actors get 10-50 lakhs for a movie, while the well-known actors who have made their living in the film industry take 10-500 million rupees per movie Apart from this, they have to pay Rs 2-5 million to go to each event and earn more than 100 crore in advertising.

That is, if money is there then it is only in films.

9) Cricketers

Now the season of IPL is going on. We all are keen to know how much match fees India’s cricketers get. BCCI is considered to be the richest cricket association in the world, because they have a lot of money, so it is obvious that India’s cricketers too will get very good money.

Apart from this, they get separate money for advertising, so it is said that Indian cricketers are one of the highest earners in the world.(10 – 50 million)

10) President

The President of India is the head of this country and you will be surprised to know that they get 1.5 lakh rupees every month i.e. about 18 lakhs a year.

Apart from this, they get all the facilities that the common man can not even imagine. The President of India resides in the Rastrapati Bhavan with respect, and they also get very different allowance and incentives.

To visit and stay in any of these countries all are under the expense of the govt of India. These were our top 10 Best jobs in India 2020 today In our comment section, tell us which of these did you think get the most salary and if you got the chance then what best jobs in India 2020 would you like to take?

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Best bookes to read in 2020 |It can change life

Hello Friends,

76 Percent Self-made millionaire read at least 2 books in a month,

An average CEO Reads at least 60 books in a year no only this but world’s most successful and rich people read books on a daily basis.

Example :- Bill gates Read at least one book in a week .Even though he is the most Richest person in the world.

Warren buffet used to Read 600 to 1000 pages per day , at start of his career, even today he read books.And almost every billionaire like Elon Musk .owner of 3 billion dollar company, oprah win frey, Mark Zuckerberg etc

Had one normal propensity and that propensity is of Reading .Even after becoming so rich and successful. They still read books and learn from it,because they knew that one simple thing.the more they will learn, the more they will earn.

Reading is not only about earning money.It also helps us to increase our concentration, intelligence , focus and most of the research says,that reading books.Helps to reduce stress level and helps to increase happiness .

There are numerous benefits of reading books, hence people who comes under 1 percent.They always keep on reading books and learn from it, through mentors.

Now most of the people gets confuse, which book they must read because there are thousands of books which gets published every year. Hence today i will share some of the books which you must read.

at least ones, so let’s begin

No.1) Managing Oneself

If you haven’t read a single self help book yet,or if you are thinking, from which book should i start.Then you can start with this book”managing oneself”because it is small book which is easy and simple to read .

And things which are explained in this book are really important and amazing, through reading it.You will come to know many facts about yourself, which will help you to grow ahead in your life.

Author of this book is Peter Ducker who is management consultant.He is a teacher and author for many management books.His books are now days used world wide for management courses.

In this book author has explained us very nicely how we can make the best use of our selfand how we can move ahead in life by managing the most important asset.and that important asset is we our self.

No.2) Rich dad Poor Dad

This was the first self-help book,which i had read and trust me it has a very positive impact on my life and on my mentality. after which desire of reading books has increased in me, and many changes aroused in my life.

Hence i will suggest you to read this book . if you want, you can start with this book .Even this book is easy to read and its a very interesting book.In this book author Robert Kiyosaki is giving us some very important financial advices by giving his life examples ‘here he is saying that he had two fathers one was his actual father, who was a professor.

and was poor, whereas his second father was his friend’s father. who was very rich. His second father is teaching him how to become successful and rich.

following his principles author has become a millionaire.Through this book you can learn many valuable facts, so do read this book, i had made a summary for this book .You can see by going below the description link.

No.3) start with why?

well i will not say that it is the best book for beginners But yes the core message of this book is really very important and beneficial for beginners. In this book author explains us, why we should concentrate more on WHY’S Instead oF WHAT and HOW .

Many people asked me Different questions like sir what should i do?how i can score good marks? how can i do something?

and many asked sir what i can do in my life?

Whereas according to me there important question with them must be Like whatever i want in my life, WHY I ACTUALLY WANT IT?

The most common problem now days is . People don’t know WHY they want things? their WHY’S are not clear

why they want to score good marks? They just want to earn money . They can earn money through job, true, but . There are various other ways to earn money

why they want to do things which others are doing,and which is difficult as well

Why do something which isn’t making you feel good?

why can’t you earn money by doing something you like?

Hence i am recommending this book to you’ll so that your why’s get clear

WHY? When your why’s get clear, how to do it and what to do will

also become clear and simple . I have made summary for this book as well, you can get it in the below link .

No.4) How to win friends and influence people

There is a saying that 75 percent of people’s growth is dependent on their social skills and communication skill

Even though person is from technical field, which is absolutely true. And i know this is the best book for you to improve your social and communication skill . After reading this book your social skill will improve a lot . and it is necessary to grow in any field.

Dale carnaige is one of my preferred writer and when you will peruse a portion of his books.

You will understand why he is my favorite . For a start do read this book, trust me you will definitely thank me for recommending this book.

if you want to see summary of this book, then can go below the link.

No5) The power of habits

You can’t control your future,true, but you can control your habits. And a person who can learn to control his habits . That person can eventually can control his future.

Your habit is the most powerful weapon, which will help you stand stronger in the war of life. And also help you to win many wars . hence try to be more attentive towards it.

In this book you will learn how to form new good habits and how to replace your bad habits with good ones . Because its a fact, that it is difficult to form a good habit, but once it is formed .it will be there forever and will make your life easy and comfortable . but forming bad habits are very easy .

but once formed will make your life very difficult .Hence through this book you will learn to form good habits and to overcome bad habits .

n this book Author charles Duhigg has explained every principle very nicely .

by using 8 years of research, he has explained how habits are formed .Abut the cycle of cue,routine and reward and how you can change your habit .

by changing the loop of the routine, if you want to learn the concept .Of this book then you can below the link .i have made a summary of this book.

No.6) The four agreements.

According to me, Even this book is a life changing book

The four agreement, this book can help you to become wise and successful.In today’s like people take things very personally, they get offended very easily.

don’t be able to understand others because of which they don’t get their personal and professional life nor they are able to live happily.

After reading this book trust me, you will be able to understand people nicely.Through which your relationship will improve and you will start living happily.because of which you will be able to live happy and a successful life.

i have made a summary for this book as well, which you can get by going below the description link.

No.7) Think and Grow Rich

This can never happen, when i am giving a book recommendatioand. his book Think and grow rich doesn’t come in that list.Think and grow rich by napollean hills is the most popular book under self-help book category .

What’s more, it has the right to be famous Andrew carnaige who was the most extravagant individual of his time. he ones gave an offer to Napollean Hill, where he asked him to meet world’s most richest and successful people.and to learn from them understand them .

and then to prepare a philosophical book, a book of success

hich any normal person can read and can have the capability of becoming successful

But for this,

Andrew will not pay Napollean , only he will get expense

so that he can reach them and can meet such successful people

Napollean accepted the offer within a minute,

after which he spent 20 years of his life gathering wisdom knowledge of some of the most

successful people,and after so much of hard work and efforts he prepare a book name think and grow rich

This is a wisdom treasure

There are many useful important principles in this book,which i found very interesting and amazing

so do read this book ones, if you want summary of this book then you can get it through the description link

No.8) How to stop worrying start living.

Bad times come in every person’s life, even i had faced.such bad situations in my life,at that time i used to feel bad and very low.

But fortunately i came to know about this book,and in those bad times i started reading and listening this book.and it turns out to be my best decision.after understanding this book, i got a lot of courage and strength to handle that bad phase of my life.

This book contains many stories and practical things which you can do o be happy even in your bad times.this can be very useful to handle such bad phase of your life.

Do read this book, because bad times arises in everyone’s life.and handling it sometimes becomes very difficult, so this book can be very helpful.

if you want to see summary of this book, then go to the below dlink.

So these were the 8 books which you must read,

and finally thanks for Reading this Article 🙂

how to Crack any Competitive Civil Engineering Exams easily

In this Post we are to going to tell you how to Crack any Competitive Civil Engineering Exams easily.

The exams such as MPSC, SSC JE, GATE, Departmental Exams like PWD, WRD, CIDCO or many more examslike this.

The first thing you should decide is whichexam are you preparing for. Whether it is ESE, UPSC, PSUs, MPSC, SSC JE,or whether it departmental exam like PWD, WRD, WCD, CIDCO, etc.

So first decide your target. Why I am saying this, because every exam hasdifferent patterns, For example, if you want to appear for ESE,SSC JE, then it has pre and mains exam and the mains exam is descriptive typeWhereas, if you are preparing for MPSC, then for this exam, both pre and mains exams areobjective type So you will have to study and practice accordingto the pattern of the Exam.

And always target for the big and better examlike GATE, ESE, MPSC. And specially that exam which is generallytaken every year. This is because, if you are preparing fora big exam, and even if you not qualified in this exams, you will easily Crack otherdepartmental exams.

Once your target exam is finalised, startcollecting all the notes for it. Before starting preparation for any exam,you must be ready with all the notes with you.

So which notes you should refer? I always say in my videos that I personallybelieve, You should refer postal study material offamous engineering classes. For ex if you are preparing for GATE, or ESE,Or any state level exam, then you should refer this notes. I have ranked them as1. IES master Delhi2.

Made easy and ACE academyI am not saying that others are not good. But in my opinion, these study material isquiet good. These postal course should cover all the civilengineering subjects as well as non technical stuff like Aptitude, reasoning, current affairs,general studies.

But if you still can’t find 1 or 2 subjects,you can buy reference books for that And in my opinion, if you are using the aboveclasses notes, then there is no necessity of reference books. Next thing is, find and print as many previousyear question papers as you can.

When you go trough the papers, you will observethat many questions are either getting repeated or they are asked on the same Concept manytimes.

This will be helpful in knowing the patternof Exam, type of questions they are asking, whether it is more numerical based or theoreticalbased questions, on which subject they are focusing more. Then you can study accordingly.

For ex, in GATE exam the questions are formulabased numericals, in MPSC, they are asking both numericals and theoretical questions. Whereas in departmental exams, you must alsobe very good in Non technical subjects.

Next thing is what are do’s and don’t’s. And What strategies you should have. 1. Do not directly start practicing the MCQs.

Many candidates just take a random book andstarts reading or solving the MCQs. That’s very wrong way. You should first study theory part of it andthen and then only you should go for MCQs

2. You can even skip some part of your syllabus. Its not necessary to cover each and everysingle part of your syllabus. But don’t just keep on ignoring the main bits also.

3. Keep in mind that you need at least 6 monthsto 10 months of dedication for cracking any exam. So keep in mind that these 6 moths to 10 monthsI will give my 100% for the studies

4. Form a routine for your studies . And followit properly. Try to give minimum 4 hours for study, 1 to2 hours for revision of what you have studied in previous days and 1 to 2 hours for solvingMCQs on the topics which you think are now studied properly. Also give some time daily for formulas, makea small handout of formulas and read that at least weekly. So, in total you should daily give 6 to 8hours for your studies very dedicatedly

5. Next important thing is, when you are simultaneouslyrevising the things, and solving the MCQs, try to observe where you are lacking, andmake it better on the same day itself

6. Make a list of subjects you have to study,divide them according to their difficulty level and subjects with maximum and minimum marks. For eg. Subjects like Geotechnical Engineering, EnvironmentalEngineering, Highway Engineering, Structures, SOM, etc. will require more time and practice,whereas subjects like CPM, tunnel, bridge, Estimating costing Valuation will requireless time for its preparation, but these subjects are also asked for less marks in many exams

7. One more thing, i always say that, preparea diary of notes and try to note important points, formulas, in a short way and try tofit all the subjects in it if possible.

8. One more thing, don’t just study the technicalsubjects only. Its equally important that you should alsostudy the non technical subjects also. Like Aptitude, reasoning, English, Marathi,General Studies, which includes history, geography, economics, Politics, Sports, etc. Specially in departmental level exams, itcarries more marks, and you cannot Crack that exam only with just civil engineering subjects.

9. In your last days of preparation, start givingmock tests subject wise as well as for full syllabus, and try to observe where you lackingin a particular subject and prepare that on the same day itself.

10. And last, always remember that your competitionis only you and no one else. Be positive always that you can Crack theexam surely. I have seen many students who were not verygood in their studies during their academics, but they cracked the competitive exam justwith their consistency, dedication and hardwork. So best of luck for your Exams, and commentyes i will, if you think you can Crack the Exam. Hope you liked this video, please subscribeto Unite Coaching for such videos.