How To Concentrate On Studies For Long Hours

3 Simple Tips to Focus On Studies 

will single-handedly take you to the path of success . that working and today we’re talking about how to increase your focus and concentration on your studies for long hours .

Today’s masterclass is on how to focus and concentrate on your studies for long hours . In this I will give you three tips and at the end of the Artical .

Shh let me tell you a secret people that are successful don’t feel any of these problems but the question is how do we become like that . Tip number one is called programming now imagine you’re driving in a car down .

This beautiful mountainous track now what if you’resitting in the back seat of the car chances are initially you’re going to be looking out to see . What’s the scenery or you’re going to be looking in front to see that canI keep track of the route but after some time .

I guarantee you you’re gonna get bored and you’re gonna either start looking at your phone or you’re gonna fall off to sleep or you’re going to be asking the driver how long is this going to take .

Focus entirely on everyon coming vehicle and hairpin Bend now why such a big difference the question is in our lives are we in the driver’s seat or is someone else driving our vehicle are we take charge .

Are we blaming someone else from our problems now our brain is a super power control it before it rules you distraction and direction are inversely proportional when one goes up the other one comes down .

Now the reason I call this programming is because every day you think it’s easy but every day when youwake up chances are you’re gonna slip right back into your old way of thinkingand .

Which is why each morning when you wake up ask yourself am I in thedriver’s seat of my life have I taken responsibility for everything thathappens to me today and soon it’s going to become a habithow to increase your focus .


and concentration tip number two it’s called practice now no one ever taught you how to concentrate your parents just tellyou concentrate karo but no one tells us how to do it.

Now attention is a muscle and just like every other muscle in the body it need training. Malcolm Glad well said that in order to become an expert at something you need to spend 10,000 hours learning it .

Now guess what happens to us every day we spend about 15 to 16 hours being distracted we’re talking to someone we’re checking the phone we’re reading a book with checking our laptop .

Guess what you’rebecoming an expert at at distraction so today I’m going to teach you something that you will follow initially just for 10 minutes in your day . Eventuallyyou’re going to become a master at your own focus and concentration today takeout 10 minutes of time where you can be alone and comfortable in a room .

which is a room that you enjoy studying in now finish all your eating and drinking before you go into that room and keep your phone and laptop out side .

Since this is your first training session we’re going to start with yourfavorite subject so take one textbook don’t take five six seven text books remember we’re only talking about ten minutes take one textbook .

one notebook acouple of pens if you like colored pens and take one extra sheet of paper whichwe’re going to use as a distraction sheet take a timer with you .

when you think you’re ready to begin switch on the timer now pick up your textbook andread actively read aloud shut the book ask yourself some questions .

May be you want to make some notes try to see if you can remember what you’ve studied high light underline and you’re going to find that suddenly something pops into your head .

Saying hey you need to call somebody or you need to respond tosomebody’s message now whatever distracting thoughts get into your head put all of that down on this sheet that’s lying to your side come back

Study write down the thought come back instead and towardsthe end of ten minutes just shut the books switch off the timer close everything . Walk away from that room and like all exercise the first day is usually a unusual but it is possible that what you are accomplished in this 10n minutes is .

. we try to increase the number of these slots that you take don’t be in a hurryto increase the length of the slot there are only three rules that you need tofollow to make this activity a success rule number one every time a distractingthought enters your mind write it down on that distraction sheet lying on theside rule number Two every time you think you are totally losing concentrations and close your books and move out don not worry about the timer and .

never get your phone into this space

rule number three never never never get your phone into this space this is a sacred space where you always focus the moment you allow the distraction into the space you pollute the space.

at the point when you adhere to these three brilliant guidelines you will have the option to sit for in any event around 45 minutes and concentrate with full concentration and to keep your brain sharp and centered .

we additionally need to have a solid body sohere are the three things you have to see one is your eating regimen eat an eating routine of sound food drink a great deal of water cut down on sugars since that makes us drowsy second is rest is mind food it’s not just cerebrum food .

It issuper food for the brain so if you can get about seven to seven and a halfhours of sleep every night you’re going to actually increase the ability of the brain to focus and concentrate .

The third thing you need to look at is exercise a good exercise routine increases the blood circulation and carries oxygen to the brain to help us focus and concentrate .

there’s one more little practice session that you need to do every single day it’s called mindfulness some people call it meditation but don’t worry don’t beafraid of those large words all it implies is doing each single assignment in turn .

Focusing on it so for example you’re talking to someone only focus on theperson don’t be checking your phone at the time if you’re drinking a glass of juice.

Consider the glass of juice don’t be taking a gander at TV simultaneously so the objective is that in each action that you do during the day do each thing in turn with full fixation .

and your mind starts getting trained to focus on the activity that is taking part in and they saymore you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war the more you practice mindfulness and .

Fixation in the little seemingly insignificant details each day that demeanor is going to convey with you to the high weight circumstances of an overwhelming serious test.

you’re going to be able to focus beautifully in that three-hour competitive exam without a problem how to increase your focus . and concentration tip 3 is called passion .

Presently energy to like center can be developed and I’m going to give you three speedy thoughts on how you can develop the enthusiasm the primary thing that you have to do is don’t begin perusing the course reading .

Immediately on another part another subject spread to cover course books are not spine chillers they are exhausting so before we open that reading material we should had a fascinating more elevated level point of view on the theme that makes ussuper intrigued by really perusing a reading material so two or three things .

you can do you can go to a Khan Academy video you can go to a Nat Geo video if that’s what your subject area is you could also listen to podcasts and

They some times give you this big picture interesting overview but the idea is first train your mind to first get interested in the topic and then open the text book and.

Again the textbook we will not read cover to coverwe’ll use the sq3r technique which we’ve discussed in the previous video and you can go back and .

Watch that I’ll drop a connection down underneath also the subsequent plan to assist you with creating enthusiasm is to give yourself remunerates now when we train our psyche .

We need an award toward the end permitting yourself to make that call to a companion it could be playing with your pet or it could be snatching that little bit of chocolate every so often and a third thought that is going to keep our enthusiasm for that subject is to differ our examination strategies .

if you’rereading from a book one time make notes another time go to a video a third time and try different different things and we’ve got a video to talk about all these interesting study techniques .

I’m going to drop a connection underneath lastly for the three extra tips that I had vowed to give you a reward tip number one is center around less things yes a lot of people will tell you to write down all your priorities in A B and C and they tell you that go for the A priority .

Warren Buffet’s says that he writes down all his priorities into A B and C and he only goes for A he actively dissuade you from looking at a B and the C and he says those are the distractors so Bill Gates says himself that the reason for success is because he focuses on fewer things bonus tip..

Number two is that some times the reason we are not able to focus on our goal is because we haven’t written down our goal clearly enough so how about we take a piece of paper .

Record our objective plainly in one month would could it be that I need to accomplish and reward tip number three is called begin saying no yes it is part of individuals will reveal to you that you have to express yes to everything.

You need to be positive but I’m saying to you start saying no and this is in tandem with focus on fewer things when somebody comes up to you with an idea .

chances are it’s like hey this is so exciting how about I go ahead and do it tell the person let me think about it and I suggest sleep over that idea wake up the next morning .

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